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We believe that everyone is more successful when they focus on their individual strengths.

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Learn about your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors and how they are in contrast with your love.

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We bring leaders to the next level by offering one-on-one coaching, corporate events & much more.

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Profitability and productivity are directly tied to the level of employee engagement.

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Karen Biebuyck


Certified Clifton Strengthsfinder Coach

Karen has conducted Strengths-based workshops across the US, Brazil, and the Middle East. She has a passion for people and culture around the world that allows her to live out her purpose; inspiring others to become the best version of themselves.

Why Strength Advisors?


The Secret to Success Lies Within You!

We believe that the secret to true success lies in the strengths of every individual, team, and organization. We help teams achieve more than they imagined. We help organizations create a new culture where employees enjoy their work and give 100%.

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What People Are Saying


I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results Tour Connection has had from our association with Karen Biebuyck and Strength Advisors. Prior to our coaching sessions with Strength Advisors our company was experiencing general conflict and frustration between co-workers, which reached from the very top of our organization to the bottom.  Obviously, these types of distractions have a direct impact in productivity, which then has an impact on revenue. From Karen’s coaching sessions we were able to learn each other’s strengths, processes for work method and communication style.  As a result Tour Connection experienced an immediate increase in revenue directly related to the team environment we were able to achieve.


Strength Advisors has been great for our team at Ruby and Clover Hairdressing.  Working with Karen has helped us to understand the strengths of each other which has led to a greater trust in one another.  It has helped us as a team to know when we need to step in and step up  for the greater good of the team and company.
Andrea Kaczocha
Karen was great at fine tuning my S/F results with what she learned about me as a person. And it was crazy how accurately she described how I was wired - even beyond what I could have articulated myself. It gave me confidence to lean into these strengths, to not wish I was someone else, and to be on the lookout of how I could utilize these areas. Karen really cares about helping women (and men and teams) explore how God created them - and encourages them toward action. She does a wonderful job showing teams how to maximize individual strengths for the greater good (and enjoyment) of the team.
Pam, Executive Assistant, Navigating Next Steps
We came to Karen and her team when our company was thriving but we still felt like we were missing something and needed to explore further. We have utilized Karen and her skill set to help us measure our employee engagement. We had wonderful results but we still wanted to press further. Karen has given us the tools and techniques to continuously grow our ever growing staff. We love working with Karen and value what she brings to our business each and every day.
Katie Lee, Franchise Owner
Our goal was to make sure our management team had all the tools they needed to be solid and efficient We also wanted to make sure that we truly understood how our staff felt about our workplace and that we were getting the best we could from them. Karen has helped us to measure the Engagement level of our staff and understand the strengths of each of our managers. Her insights, knowledge of strengths, and thorough understanding of what it means to have an “actively engaged” staff has helped us to significantly improve our workplace.
Alison Krumm, Human Resource Director
Tour Connection, Inc. founded in 1990 reached a new benchmark for sales and harmony on our teams last year with the help of Karen Biebuyck. She has a unique ability to make everyone see, celebrate and grow the unique strengths they are gifted with. Our 3 sessions with Karen have been the best investment we have made in 26 years of business.
Allan Goetz, President, Tour Connection, Inc.


Developing Leaders – Building Strong Teams – Driving Employee Engagement

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